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Kala Point Independent Newsletter

The Kala Pointer was originated by a long time Kala Point resident named Audrey McConachie. She diligently produced the newsletter for nine years or more. Then she turned the reins over to a series of editors each of whom published the newsletter for a stint from six months to a year. Then, toward the end of 1999, when the then Kala Pointer editor, Kathy Shumate, felt she could no longer continue with the publication, it was announced that if a new editor was not found by December, 1999, the paper would discontinue.

As a retired editor/journalist, Judie Lewis, a then resident of Kala Point, agreed to take on the task. The committee was apparently much smaller than it had been over the previous years, but it seemed big enough and they were very good workers.

When a command was made by the board president (of the time) in April, 2002, that he be given three days after the publication was finished to censor the content of the newsletter, Judie Lewis, and most of the committee moved into a more independent status by producing To The Point. Even though there has been controversy, To The Point (renamed Community Forum and now newskoop) has accomplished many changes. It now looks like there is a new era evolving and this is good news for us all.

House Bill 1309 Additions to Homeowner Association RCW - Effective January 1, 2012
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